A Message from the Mayor

On behalf of the Village Board of Trustees, I welcome you to the Village of Old Westbury's website. I trust that our website will guide you and that you will be able to learn more about our special Village and the services we provide.

This past year proved to be one of the most exciting and productive years since our incorporation in 1924. Our Village is located just off the Long Island Expressway in the middle of Nassau County between Manhattan and the shores of eastern Long Island. The design of our residential homes, our country-style streets, our area schools that continue to be among the highest-rated in the county and the large amount of open space make the Village of Old Westbury a premier and most desirable community to live in, not only in Nassau County, but in the country.

The Board of Trustees and I are working very hard each and every day to ensure that our community continues to be the very best it can be. Just over the past few months, we held our first Town Hall Meeting and developed plans for several capital projects that include road paving and several major water supply improvements. Our goal is and always will be to provide to the residents of Old Westbury a high level of municipal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The employees of our Village are 100% committed to providing these services.

Our website will be updated weekly so that you are notified in a timely manner of events, news and announcements that are of importance with the Village of Old Westbury. The section directly below my letter, The Latest News, will provide you with current information, and the sidebar on the left will navigate you to the various sections of the website. The event calendar, also located on the left-hand side, will provide a quick look at upcoming meetings that you might wish to attend.

Fred J. Carillo