Nassau County Sewer District Information

Just about every homeowner in our Village is familiar with the important considerations and service required to maintain a cesspool or septic system.  Even a well-maintained system will by design discharge substantial amounts of nitrogen into the ground that eventually reaches our water supply.  For that reason, and other similar environmental concerns, it has become important to develop strategies for reducing such hazards.


We are pleased to let you know about opportunities for all Village homeowners to save money while reducing their impact on the environment.


Most properties in the Village do not have the ability to access the Nassau County sewer system.  And as you continue north in the Village, towards Brookville and onward, access to Nassau County sewer systems are even more rare.


However, there are some Village homeowners that are in fact in the Nassau County sewer district.  These properties tend to be located south of the Long Island Expressway, then turning south along Old Westbury Road heading towards Jericho Turnpike.  Homeowners in the Nassau County sewer district have been paying a sewer district tax and are entitled to connect to the Nassau County sewer system.


This small group of homeowners have the option, at their expense, to connect to the county system, and wave goodbye to costs and concerns related to a cesspool or septic system forever.  If you do not know whether you are in the county sewer district, you can look up your property by clicking here.


If, like most of the Village, your property is not in the Nassau County sewer district, then you cannot access the Nassau County sewer system and you have not been paying additional tax into the Nassau County sewer district.  For this group of homeowners, Nassau County has established a special program to substantially subsidize the cost of upgrading their cesspool or septic system to a more environmentally friendly system that has less impact on our groundwater.


If you are building a new home in the Village or considering upgrades or repairs to your existing cesspool or septic system, this is a great benefit.


You can learn more information about the county’s S.E.P.T.IC. program by visiting the website at .