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The original item was published from 11/30/2021 4:53:32 PM to 1/15/2022 10:05:04 PM.

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Posted on: November 30, 2021



The holiday season is upon us, and many will be spending time shopping for gifts and attending parties and celebrations. Festive activities will be in the spotlight, and crime prevention may not, so it is important for the residents of Old Westbury to ensure they are doing what they can to prevent crime.  While there is no simple or sure solution to the problem of home burglaries, it is possible to make the burglar’s task more difficult, and in some cases to discourage the burglar altogether.

The Old Westbury Police Department offers the following recommendations to prevent break-ins at your home:

If you have an alarm, use it at all times, even if you are leaving the home for just a few minutes.

Trim overgrown shrubbery and trees where someone would be able to conceal themselves.

Check exterior lighting. This includes the back and sides of the home. Ensure they go on at dusk.

Check windows and door locks; make sure they are in working order.

Keep all doors and windows locked when you are home, away or just in your back yard.

Homeowners should consider additional locks specifically for sliding doors, as well as alarms.

Move and secure items that could be used to facilitate entry through ground floor windows.

Close your drapes, blinds and window treatments at night as a deterrent.

Surveillance and alarm systems should be routinely checked to ensure proper operation.

Consider a panic alarm or keeping a telephone near the bed.

Leave an interior light on or use a timer. Leave a radio or television on when out of the house.

Discontinue any deliveries while away on business or vacation.

Ensure that deliveries delivered to your home are removed promptly by a family member or neighbor.

Inventory, photograph and have an appraisal conducted on valuable items.

When approaching or leaving your home, be aware of suspicious persons or vehicles.

Varying your routine can be an additional deterrent.

Do not enter your home if you think someone may be inside; notify the police immediately.

If you hear or see someone in your home, exit if you can and discretely call the police right away.

Do not try to confront the intruder.

If a burglar does confront you, remain calm; comply with the burglars' instructions. Remember your life is more valuable than your property. Try to memorize a description of the subject. When the subject leaves, call the Old Westbury Police at 516-626-0200 or by dialing 911.

In addition to these recommendations, the Old Westbury Police Department urges all residents to be aware of suspicious activity around them, and to call promptly during the following situations:!

When your alarm or a neighbor's house/car alarm goes off.

When there are suspicious noises or persons in your yard or a neighbor's yard.

When you see a suspicious person and/or vehicle.

If a vehicle is observed driving up and down the street for no apparent reason. Try to obtain a plate number and a good description of suspicious vehicles, as well as any suspicious people.

When you observe activity at a neighbor's residence when you know they are away.

If you see a neighbor's door or window ajar, open or broken.

If you see a neighbor's car door or window ajar, open or broken.

Neighbors can help the police in the prevention of burglaries and in the apprehension of suspects. There have been numerous incidents where the keen observation of residents has resulted in the apprehension of persons committing criminal acts.

In addition, residents with surveillance systems are encouraged to notify the police department when it is possible their system recorded a crime or other suspicious activity either on their property, in the street or on an adjacent property. Surveillance systems, such as video systems, Ring cameras and Nest cameras have proven to be significant tools in the prevention of crime, as well as in the apprehension of suspects.


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